The Dick Bernson Award

For advancing the science and professionalism of the industry

Dick Bernson was the founding President of our Association. He opened Bernson Rug Cleaning in Durham in 1947 and retired from active business in 1978. He was active, served as director, and held office in all industry-related associations including the National Institute of Rug Cleaning, AIDS, International Society of Cleaning Technicians, and the Independent Consultants of America.

Despite all of this work, Dick Bernson still found time to see the need for, and to work toward the establishment of, the Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association. His leadership and hard work in the early days of our Association laid the groundwork for the thriving organization that we enjoy today. Those who knew Dick Bernson revere his memory and believe that he was the best friend that our industry and MSPCA ever had.

The Dick Bernson Award is given annually to the person who has accomplished the most toward advancing the science and professionalism of our industry in general, and the Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association in particular.

Dick Bernson Award Winners

1981 Ralph Bloss
1982 Gray & Judy White
1983 Ken Hines
1984 Gene Johnson
1985 Bob Pakrul
1986 Walter “Chub” Safrit
1987 Joe Griffin Small
1988 Lee Pemberton
1989 Jeff Simpkins
1990 Ted Lindfors
1991 Jeff Bishop
1992 John M. Downey, IV
1993 N/A
1994 Ken Johansen
1995 Mike Wheatley
1996 Herb Stutts

1997 Herb Stutts
1998 Dan Taylor
1999 Ed Hobbs
2000 Jim Bynum
2001 Karen Pettyjohn
2002 Juliann Poff
2003 Gil Whittington
2004 Rich Brown
2005 Chris Silliman
2006 Meredith Silliman
2007 Angela Pless
2008 Wayne Etowski
2009 Robert Pettyjohn
2010 Ryan Scoggins
2011/2012 Wayne Etowski
2013/2014 N/A

2015 Josh Moore
2016 Dale Richmond
2017 Chris Silliman of First Restoration Services