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Connecting professional cleaners in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky & Tennessee.

WHO WE ARE: Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association is a non-profit association of specialists dedicated to providing high quality services to their customers in the art of cleaning and restoration.

With MSPCA, you join an alliance where:

  • Becoming better in business is our Pursuit
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise is Essential
  • Commitment to high ethics is the Standard
  • Caring about community is a Priority
  • Checking egos at the door fosters Cooperation

If you’re looking for partners in business who are committed to these same principles, we’re looking for you.

What Our Members Say About MSPCA

"This was one of the best meetings we've had in years. Carpet cleaners, cleaning and restoration companies. We are an organization for cleaners and we came together at this meeting."

Scott FinneyFive Step Carpet Care

" I can't say enough great things about our member presenters and all of the top notch networking that we got to do with our members. I feel that this association has been one of the biggest contributors to my success as a restoration contractor.  I feel that we have the best of the best representing our industry and I am very proud to be a part of it. I look forward to many great meetings in the future and I'm excited to see the participation from everyone." 

Josh MooreFirst Call Cleaning and Restoration Services

"Membership in MSPCA has enabled me to build relationships with partners that have helped me in every aspect of my company.  Our association believes in sharing information for the betterment of our companies and the advancement of the cleaning and restoration industry.  Whether it's case studies, facility tours, presentations or sales and marketing campaigns, there is always something to learn from our fellow members.  Best of all, there are no egos!  If I need help on a job, I can call my friends at MSPCA and depend on them to help me - not because there's something in it for them, but because we genuinely care about helping each other in times of need."

Katie SmithPHC Restoration

Our Members

Mid-South provides its members superior resources and mutual support so that they, in turn, deliver with integrity to their customers, services and products which meet or exceed industry standards.

Congratulations to the 2017 Bernson Award Recipient

Chris Silliman of First Restoration Services

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A membership with Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association provides a world of benefits while allowing you to connect with experts, suppliers, and peers in the cleaning industry.